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"To find you" is the new single of this incredible and globally cellebrated Anglo-Greek singer-songwriter. (Awards winner, Leonard Cohen's guest singer, recently shared stage with Andrea Bocelli)

Check out for the release on Athena's Youtube channel!

By creating and mixing colourful oilpainted backgrounds with faceless characters and elements made by paper and origami, which we animated frame by frame in the stop motion technique, we achieved an oneiring yet almoust touchable visual experience. Fortunately, origami designers from all over the world engaged with this project, so together with our team of artists at MASA Animation Studio we got to something we believe is beautiful. We hope you like it too!

Team of artists / Credits:

Script: Chantal Rosengurt & Athena Andreadis

Composition, postproduction and color: Juan Martín Fourcaud

Art direction: Chantal Rosengurt

Photography Director: Ezequiel Laborevich

Script supervisor: Facundo Risso

Storyboard: Carlos Escudero & Chantal Rosengurt

Animatic: Carlos Escudero

Stop Motion Animation: Chantal Rosengurt

Digital Animation: Juan Martín Fourcaud

Colour assistant: Chantal Rosengurt

Origami Maker: Jerónimo Paoletti

Origami designers:

Joost langeveld (Netherland)

The Origami Genious (Canada)

Riccardo Foschi (Italy)

Henry Pham (Vietnam)

Noe Bahena (Mexico)

Sarjigami Origami (Philippines)

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